Treppenwitz Album 2!!

The new year is off to a great start here at NJR towers with the release of the second album "The Kennedys At Beaver Point" from experimental piano trio Treppenwitz. Since the release of their first album the boys have been busy, undertaking an Arts Council funded tour as well as being selected for the JazzNorth Northern Line touring scheme. They've also been in the studio recording their THIRD album to be released later in the year. No slacking.

The Kennedys at Beaver Point was recorded at the same time as their first album, Short+Long Ditties and in a sense is it's sister record. It gives a complete picture of where the band was at the time. Where Short+Long Ditties documents the beginning of a journey, The Kennedys at Beaver Point represents its completion. It's the final step in a process that the band has pursued for the last 3 years.

The album is available to stream and buy for pay what you want from our Bandcamp store.

As always I hope you enjoy the music and here's to a fruitful new year.

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