If you just want to listen to a festive fun song from The Honeybirds and can’t be bothered with all the nonsense below, just hit play, get dancing round your bedroom in your worst christmas jumper and have a very merry Christmas!

If, however, like me you like a bit of context and nice little backstory, do please read on……

Leeds Fold Studio Party

Leeds Fold Studio Party

On 29th October 2015 we toasted the opening of Leeds Fold (an awesome new recording/rehearsal/workshop and gig space for musicians and producers) with a Studio Party!! We celebrated with a host of Leeds’ finest jazz talents, fresh samosas, homemade sweet chilli jazz jam, ale from Leeds brewery AND…………….


HoneybirdsLeeds’ vintage vocal songstress’ recorded their Christmas single live in front of an audience armed with handbells and well oiled vocal chords. Backed by the Leeds Fold house band, the audience were led through their dings and dongs with only a sharpie and some crude scribblings on A3 card. Miraculously what came out almost sounds like music and at the very least sounds like a room full of good clean festive fun……..in October. We all really hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it.

This little piece of Christmas cheer can be yours to take home for whatever price you like. Proceeds will go towards helping The Honeybirds, Leeds Fold and New Jazz Records do what they do……..(mainly paying off their beer bills and last minute stationary debts).

Thanks to all who came down/helped out/rang  a bell and made the evening a success. We hope to see you all again at the next one…….

Special thanks to Hanne Barton (sweet chilli jazz jam), Jack Davis (sound engineer) and Tom Rivière (bar tender).

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