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Sam Quintana’s Wandering Monster EP

Out Now ‘Wandering Monster‘ is the outlet for the compositions of Leeds based bass player Sam Quintana. The outfit features five of the finest and most active members of the Leeds jazz scene. Though they are accomplished as individuals, when together they form an entity greater than the sum of it’s parts: a monster- wandering… roaming…searching for off-kilter grooves, […]

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Drawing Hands by Drawing Hands

[bandcamp width=100{ec3208651a220397c5a774d837c28122ace530b935310642880befae1d51d283} height=120 album=13577092 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f tracklist=false artwork=small]   Huzzah! The first release, out into the world, away it goes. And what a beautiful thing it is too! Double bassist and composer Sam Jackson presents his band Drawing Hands. Inspired by 17th century counterpoint, traditional English folk and 21st century jazz. Available for pay […]

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